What is a Protective Order?
A Protective Order is a civil court order that can be issued by a judge if he/she finds probable cause to believe that the applicant has been harassed, abused or is threatened with abuse from another person. Violation of a Protective Order may be a criminal offense.

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1. What is a Protective Order?
2. Am I eligible for a Protective Order?
3. What does a Protective Order do?
4. Where can I go to get a Protective Order?
5. How long does it take for a judge to issue the Protective Order?
6. What happens if a violation takes place?
7. How long does the Protective Order last?
8. What if I want to change the order?
9. How do I file criminal charges?
10. Do I need to apply for a Protective Order if criminal charges are filed?
11. What is a safety plan?