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2019 Spring Survey

  1. Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney and COMBAT

  2. Spring 2019 Survey

    The Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney and COMBAT program want to hear from you. Please take a few minutes to complete and submit this survey. Providing your name and contact information is optional.

  3. 1) Have you been a victim of a crime in Jackson County?*

  4. Did the prosecutor or others involved (including victim advocates and investigators) treat you fairly and respecfully?*

    Follow-up because you answered "yes" to question 1.

  5. Was the overall result fair and just?*

    Follow-up because you answered "yes" to question 1.

  6. 2) Please rate the severity of the following crime problems in our community:

  7. Open Air Drug Sales*

  8. Gun Fire*

  9. Gun Violence*

  10. Domestic Violence*

  11. Prostitution*

  12. Car Theft*

  13. Burglary*

  14. Abandoned Properties*

  15. Other

  16. 3) Regarding other non-crime problems related to the criminal justice system:

  17. Unwillingness to Call Police*

  18. Fear of Police*

  19. Lack of Job Opportunities*

  20. Poor Educational Opportunities*

  21. Emotional Trauma Impacting Offenders*

  22. Drug Abuse & Other Mental Health Issues*

  23. Few Services to Help Improve Opportunities*

  24. Other

  25. 4) Many experts describe the most pressing issue for law enforcement in any urban community is to rebuild trust with that community. To do so, how would you describe the following steps?

  26. Expand drug treatment programming for offenders possessing drugs.*

  27. Use Neighborhood Accountability Boards, where neighbors and offenders meet with victims and reach agreement outside of a courtroom to resolve and hold accountable those responsible for crimes.*

  28. Provide more robust services to crime survivors, even those victims in cases where charges have not been filed.*

  29. Continue the New Start program, where first-time offenders willing to acknowledge their crime are given services rather than prison time.

  30. Lobby for harsher prison sentences for most crimes.*

  31. Create new programs that encourage community members to learn about the criminal justice system.*

  32. Foster court watch programs that allow the community to observe and grade court proceedings.*

  33. Programs to protect witnesses and victims, especially when their testimony is crucial to prosecution.*

  34. 6) COMBAT programming only focuses on the "urban core."

  35. 7) What is COMBAT's mission?

  36. 8) How many programs does COMBAT fund?*

  37. In 2019 COMBAT is funding 99 programs, offering anti-drug and anti-violent services, as well as treatment.

  38. 9) Does COMBAT fund or address any anti-bullying programs?*

  39. 10) The Jackson County Drug Task Force has been an effective crime-fighting tool to reduce drug trafficking in the county.*

    The Drug Task Force is funded through COMBAT.

  40. Not every police department in the county has the resources necessary to fight drug-related crimes. Furthermore, these are crimes that know no boundaries, crossing over from one legal jurisdiction to another. The Drug Task Force's partnerships includes 13 Jackson County police departments and the county's Sheriff's Office.

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