Conviction Integrity Unit

The Prosecutor’s role in the criminal justice system is to vigorously and ethically prosecute those who violate the law and to protect the innocent. To that end, prosecutors have a duty to seek the truth before, during, and after conviction.

The Jackson County Prosecutor's Conviction Integrity Unit examines post-conviction claims of innocence where credible evidence of innocence that was not known at the time of conviction exists.

The Conviction Integrity Unit is committed to the highest standard of professional integrity, expeditious and thorough review of post-conviction cases. This review takes its roots in the saying, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Martin Luther King, Jr.

In order to qualify for a conviction review by the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, the case and applicant must meet the following criteria:
a. The conviction must have occurred in Jackson County Circuit Court;
b. Applicant must be in custody, serving time on the sentence for which he/she was convicted;
c. The conviction must be for a violent and/or serious felony as defined by Part 1 of the Uniform Crime Reporting Program;
d. The application for review must be based on new and credible evidence of innocence which must not have been known at the time of conviction;
e. Applicant waives his or her procedural safeguards and privileges, agrees to cooperate with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, and agrees to provide full disclosure of all relevant information during the review process. 

Conviction Review Application

Any applicant must complete and sign the Application and the Waiver of Procedural Safeguards and Privileges. This form must be notarized and returned to:

Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
Conviction Integrity Unit
415 E. 12th Street, 11th Floor
Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Note: If the applicant is currently represented by counsel, all communications with Conviction Integrity Unit must be made through the defendant’s attorney.