The Jackson County Prosecutor's Office employs approximately 150 employees working on behalf of the citizens of Jackson County, Missouri - prosecutors, investigators, victim rights advocates, legal secretaries and other staff.

​​The Office prosecutes state felony cases, represents Missouri Department of Social Services regarding child support enforcement, and provides assistance to witnesses and victims of crime. ​To accomplish its work, the Prosecutor's Office has several divisions, units, and special programs. ​​​​

General Crimes Unit ​ ​​​
​The General Crimes Unit handles a variety of cases involving arson, assaults, drug violations, home invasion, forgery, embezzlement, retail fraud, robbery, theft and weapons offenses.

Violent Crimes Unit ​
​The Violent Crimes Unit is devoted to the prosecution of complex felonies referred to the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office with the exception of those that fall under Special Victims Unit.

​​​Special Victims Unit ​​
​The Special Victims Unit prosecutes all sexual assault and domestic violence cases. This unit also prosecutes all cases when children or special needs persons are victims of sexual or physical assault.

Warrant Desk ​​
​The Warrant Desk is the first step for all cases that are referred to the Prosecutor's Office. ​​​​

Family Support Division​ ​​
​The Family Support Division establishes and creates orders in cases referred to the Prosecutor's Office by the Missouri Department of Social Services, Our Office does not initiate cases. ​ ​ ​

Victim Advocate Unit
​ ​The Victim Advocate Unit provides support to victims of crime through providing information about the criminal justice system, providing emotional support and helping to find needed resources. ​

​​Investigators Unit
​The Investigators are responsible for investigative support to the attorneys for their assigned division.