Caring for Crime Survivors

Are you a crime survivor?

You are not alone. Crime, unfortunately, is too common in Jackson County. Crime victims and their families, as a result, suffer greatly.

We believe you deserve help. We can offer assistance to the survivors of crime in many ways. For example:

Emotional Support
This could be as simple as someone to talk to about the problems created by surviving a crime. But it could be more, including assistance in dealing with children or in going to court or to meet with law enforcement. In a time of crisis, other special help may be required. All of these services can be delivered confidentially to your home.

Basic needs: S
helter, food, help with utilities, clothing and clean up after a crime occurs in or around your residence.

Minor home repair: 
If someone broke your front door or a window, shot into your home, leaving holes or other damage, we can assist with those repairs. Priority is given to repairs that ensure your safety and security.

Criminal Justice Support
The criminal justice system is often confusing. We assist the victims of crimes in understanding the system, each step of the way. We assist with applying for state funds set aside to compensate victims for their financial losses. We have victim advocates who will accompany you to court and explain the system as it unfolds. We can even help with transportation to court.

We want to help. 

For Information and Support, contact the Victim Service Help Line, (816) 842-8467, Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.