Drug Abatement Response Team (DART)

The mission of the Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) is to:
  • Remove criminal activity
  • Repair damaged neighborhoods
  • Restore our communities
To combat illegal drugs and prevent criminal activity from damaging our community, Jackson County established DART in 1991.
A man hangs a sign that says "Combat Zone"


Jackson County DART is a collaborative, multi-jurisdictional team created to provide assistance to local citizens by:
  • Identifying locations where crimes occur
  • Using legal means when necessary to ensure the safety of our communities
  • Working with homeowners and the community to prevent future crimes
Since the inception of Jackson County DART, over 7,200 drug houses have been removed from our community.

Property Owner Obligations

Property owners, whether they reside in or rent the property, have certain obligations to their neighborhood. Home properties should be an asset to the community and not a liability, enhancing the quality of life and not diminishing it. If we all work together, the majority of Jackson County neighborhoods which provide desirable living places will continue to do so, and troubled areas will become safe, family neighborhoods.

Duties & Responsibilities

DART does the following to further the cause of the program:
  • Assist individual citizens and neighborhood groups to identify and target problem properties; seeks to increase community involvement to restore the quality of life within the community
  • Focus on problem businesses to stop the flow of illegal narcotics through area hotels and motels by conducting inspections on those businesses that have a history of illegal drug and prostitution activities; educating management through a hotel training session
  • Partner with governmental entities to develop ordinances and codes which will enable individual municipalities within Jackson County to take independent measures to close drug houses
  • Prosecute property owners that are repeat offenders by filing civil forfeitures or nuisance actions against the properties
  • Provides services to business owners, including continuing to identify and monitor businesses that sell essential ingredients used in manufacturing methamphetamine to define what items may be legally sold

Contact Information

If you suspect a property is being used for the sale or distribution of drugs, you may contact DART at 816-881-3555.