Community Outreach

Partnering With the Community

Prosecutors have a responsibility to not only focus their attention on processing cases presented to them by police, but on crime prevention, problem solving, building partnerships with citizens in the community and incorporating the priorities of citizens into their mission and operations. 

Recognizing the community's role in public safety, the Jackson County Prosecutor's Office partners with the community by working with different neighborhood associations and interested groups to help identify and solve neighborhood problems, prevent crime and help improve public confidence in the justice system.

Manheim Park assistance
2300 Denver clean up
Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker at neighborhood clean-up


Partnership Impact

 “Our goal is to become better partners with the community,” Baker said. Here are some examples of how working with the community can make an impact in the neighborhoods:
  • 2300 Denver - In 2016, the Prosecutor's Office won a federal grant to address violent crime in East Patrol and under this grant, the Prosecutor's Office has adopted this block where the effort will address abandoned buildings, as well as vacant lots and other blight.
  • 27th Prospect - The Prosecutor's Office and neighborhood addressed open air drug sales by closing a high traffic drug house at 26th Wabash and limited illegal activity at The Green Duck Lounge.
  • Armour/Troost - Prosecutors have empowered the community by encouraging communication between residents and Central patrol officers to proactively address loitering, drug sales and domestic violence issues near the Bainbridge apartments.
  • Blue Hills - Prosecutors and concerned residents are working together to address the increased use of PCP in the neighborhood particularly around the convenience store properties.
  • Independence Avenue - Established an ongoing relationship with Pendleton Heights to identify violent offenders within the community and to address those individuals. Several persons of interest have been arrested and charged with felony cases ranging from burglary to unlawful use of a weapon.
  • Manheim Park - At the neighborhood's request, Prosecutors engaged with a homeowner with notable criminal activity occurring on and around her property with a peaceful resolution and cessation of such activities. 
  • West Side - One of the suspected gang affiliated neighborhood targets agreed to participate with NoVA and an education based diversion program with the Jackson County Prosecutors Office. The young man completed his GED, enrolled in trade school and notably avoided a recent gang rival altercation involving his peers.